Customized Search Experience

Forerunner's search experience is tailored to each individual account, delivering indexed results that are optimized specifically for your team's workflows. Our updated feature streamlines your workflows by simplifying the process of finding properties in your community. With our advanced filters, you can now search not just by address, but also by block and lot, and parcel ID.

This customized search experience is not limited to just your internal team–it's also accessible to residents and members of the public through your community's public-facing website homepage and Explore Map feature.

Address Results

When you initiate a search on your Forerunner dashboard, the address results that populate now also include addresses from your community's parcel data as well as the addresses for any properties that have been created within your Forerunner account. By incorporating both of these sources, our search feature ensures that your team has access to a comprehensive database of addresses. This powerful functionality enables your team and residents to quickly and easily locate any property needed, thus streamlining workflows and enhancing overall productivity.

Advanced Filtering

In addition to search by address, our new search experience empowers both your team member and residents to quickly locate specific properties within your Forerunner account by using the block/lot and parcel ID filters. The results from these filters are generated directly from your community's parcel data, ensuring the utmost accuracy and efficiency in your search results.

Take the following steps to search by block/lot or parcel ID:

  1. Click on the dropdown symbol located next to the Address field in your search bar. This will allow you to choose between searching by address, block and lot, or parcel ID.
  2. Select the advanced filter that corresponds to your desired search criteria.
  3. Once you have selected the filter you want to use, enter the desired parcel ID or block/lot value into the search field along with the corresponding city, if necessary. This will instantly filter your search results.

If you have any questions about your community's customized search experience, don't hesitate to reach out to !

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