Hiding Properties from the Public Website

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A few states have legislation that prohibits the disclosure of home addresses of elected officials, public servants, and their family members. For example, New Jersey’s statute, Daniel’s Law, allows certain public officials to put in a request that certain personal information be redacted from public-facing state, county, and municipal websites.

To ensure that our partner communities can maintain compliance in these instances, users have the ability to hide specific properties from the public website in Forerunner - either via an individual internal Property Information Panel or via a community's parcel data. For hidden properties, the Public Property Profile and all associated data will not be visible to the public.

Hiding a property from public via the Property Information Panel

To hide an individual property from the public via the Property Information Panel:

  1. Navigate to the property on your internal Forerunner dashboard either by searching the address or clicking on the map
  2. Click on the Edit property dropdown
  3. Click the Hide property from public dropdown option
  4. Confirm you would like to hide the property from public

Please note that when a property is hidden from public, you will not be able to share the Public Property Profile with any members of the public or display any data or documents associated with the property on your public website.

To display a hidden property from public via the Property Information Panel, navigate back to the Edit property dropdown and select Display property to public .

Hiding a property from public via parcel data

Your community may designate certain properties as either hidden or confidential in your tax assessor's parcel data. Forerunner has the capability to derive a property's hidden status based on the parcel data you provide. As a result, any property within your account, existing or future, located within a hidden parcel, will default to being hidden from public.

Even if properties are automatically hidden from public by the Forerunner system via your parcel data, you retain the option to selectively display individual properties to the public via the Property Information Panel Edit property dropdown.

To set up the configuration for hidden properties through your parcel data, please reach out to your dedicated Customer Success Manager. They will collaborate with you to ensure accurate interpretation of the values in your parcel data, guaranteeing that the appropriate properties are successfully hidden from your public website.

How a hidden property surfaces on the public website

If a property has been hidden from public, either via the Property Information Panel or parcel data, the Public Property Profile and all associated documents and data are not visible on your community's public-facing website.

If guests search for a hidden property address, they will be directed to a page saying "We're sorry - we don't have any information on the address you searched for." There will also be a link directing the guest to either return to the public website homepage or request some help via the Get help form.

Additionally, hidden properties and their associated parcel outlines will not be clickable on the Explore map page of the public website.

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