Data Sources

Forerunner brings information from different data sources together to enable your floodplain management and adaptation workflows, including: 

FEMA's Map Service Center

The FIRM data that populates Forerunner's Property Info Panel and Map is pulled directly and regularly from FEMA's Map Service Center. This ensures that the FIRM data that you're receiving through Forerunner reflects FEMA's most up-to-date data. 


In order to provide property information to our users across the country, we pull parcel data from Regrid's nationwide parcel API. The information that is shown under Parcel info comes from this source. Regrid, in turn, compiles constantly updated local level data from municipalities, counties, and states nationwide.

Google Street View

At the top of the Overview section of your Property Info Panel you'll find a Google Street View image that we programmatically pull from Google's API for each property in your community. This imagery should make it easier for you to contextualize your FIRM and EC data. Depending on the location of the property, images may be obstructed by street features or angled. For addresses that were not photographable by Google Street View, the next closest Street View image is returned.

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