Substantial Improvement & Damage Tracking

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Forerunner enables you to easily add, track, and visualize substantial improvement and damage (SI/SD) costs so that you can better enforce compliance with NFIP regulations.

Adding improvements and damages

Entering costs

To log an improvement or damage, navigate to the  SI/SD   tab in your Property Info Panel  (you'll find it directly under the property address).

Click +Add New  and a modal will pop up prompting you to enter a date, value, type of cost, and an optional description. The date you enter will differ depending on how you track cumulative substantial improvement and damage in your community, but it's likely that you will enter your permit application date.

Determining market value

Under the Market value of building section, you can select your method of assessing the total market value of the building on the date of the improvement or damage.

Forerunner defaults to an automated assessed value which is calculated by applying an Adjustment Ratio to the property's Improvement Value. You are also able to provide a different market value estimate derived using another methodology or historic valuation. To do this, select  Other value estimate  and input the value. 

Clicking Save Cost  will log the changes.

Editing improvements and damages

If you want to change the information for an improvement or damage you previously logged, click View  next to that entry. An edit modal will appear, allowing you to make and save changes.

If you want to delete the entry altogether, just select Delete  at the bottom left corner of the edit window. Another modal will appear prompting you to confirm your selection.

Excluding improvements and damages

To exclude a new improvement or damage entry, mark the Exclude this cost from the SISD calculation checkbox when creating a new SI/SD entry.

To exclude an existing improvement or damage, click on the menu for the SI/SD entry and select Exclude. You can also view the entry and update the Exclude this cost from the SISD calculation checkbox. This will remove the SI/SD entry's cost from the calculation for that property.

If you need to include an entry that has already been excluded, click the menu for the entry again and select Include.

Reviewing SI/SD thresholds on properties

Forerunner will automatically calculate substantial improvement and damage costs and determinations according to your account's settings.

Under the Summary  header, a progress bar will display the summation of all logged entries. The bar will turn red after the 50% threshold has passed. Below the progress bar, the application will generate a Cumulative SI/SD Percentage and a Cumulative SI/SD Cost along with a tracking period. 

Properties that are close to, or over, a substantial improvement or damage determination will automatically get a warning that can be viewed alongside other property information.

Your account's SI/SD settings can be configured to calculate thresholds on a cumulative, per-project, building-lifetime, or calendar-year basis.

Customizing your account's SI/SD settings

Your Forerunner account includes a powerful, but flexible system for tracking and sharing SI/SD determinations.

During onboarding, your Forerunner Customer Success Manager will work with you to tailor your SI/SD settings to your community's specific regulations. Your account's SI/SD settings can be adjusted for different properties based on they flood zone they are in or relevant permit information.

If you need to change your SI/SD settings at any point, please reach out to your Customer Success Manager or contact for help.

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