Resident Logs

Forerunner lets you record resident interactions via logs for any specific property. This is particularly useful if you have a walk-in, a phone conversation, or a written/email request from a resident and want to communicate this to your team members or for your own record-keeping.

To create a log for a property, click the Logs tab in the Property Info Panel and then click the  +Add New button. Logs can also be created by clicking the  +Add New button on the right side of the Logs table page. To access the Logs table page, click on the  Logs icon on the left sidebar menu. 

When creating a new log, select the log type and the date of the interaction. Under the 'Property' heading you can input information about the property such as: 

  • FIRM Panel 
  • BFE 
  • Base flood depth
  • Flood Zone 
  • Coastal A Zone or CBRS 
  • Past flood or Rep loss area 
  • Sensitive or Wetland area 

Under the 'Contact Information' heading, you can add the name, email and phone number of the resident. At the bottom of the page under the 'Discussion' header, you can write any conversation notes and indicate how insurance information was given, whether an on-site visit happened, whether you gave property protection advice, and whether you gave financial advice. 

To view all logs, click on the Logs icon on the left sidebar menu. You can sort the logs by date, type, address, panel, zone and BFE. To view an individual log, click View Details in blue, underlined letters. You can also export logs by clicking the Export button and will be prompted to select the date range for your export. The export will be emailed to you as a .csv file. 

To delete or edit a log in the Logs table page, click View Details in blue, underlined letters. On the right side of the log, you can select Delete or Edit Log. Be sure to click Save Changes after you make any edits! 

Creations, deletions and edits of logs will appear in the activity feed but will not show up in the public property profile. 

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