New Customer Onboarding Milestones

Welcome to the Forerunner customer community! We’re honored that you’ve chosen to work with us. To get you oriented, we’ve outlined the major milestones in our new customer onboarding process. The timing of the milestones will vary depending on your goals, availability, and how you intend to use Forerunner.

Kick-off meeting 

  • This is where you'll meet your Forerunner Customer Success Manager (if you haven't already!) and start the process of uploading your Elevation Certificates. We'll also collect some initial information from you about users and your dashboard preferences. 
  • At some point during onboarding, we’ll send login information and help get all of your users added to the system. 

Uploading ECs 

  • After the kick-off meeting and the completion of procurement/contract negotiation, we'll begin extracting your Elevation Certificate archive. 
  • During the extraction process, we'll check in to update you on our progress. If any emergent questions arise, this is when we will surface them.
  • Once done, we’ll schedule a call to walk you through your Elevation Certificate dataset, and iron out any wrinkles in our data delivery. 

Training & Ongoing Support 

  • We'll hold a training session that can be attended by all of your department's Forerunner users. In this training, we'll walk you through how to use Forerunner and answer any questions you might have about our software or ongoing extraction. 
  • Once you're trained, your Customer Success Manager will be available at any time to answer questions, clarify features, or troubleshoot problems. We'll also keep you regularly updated about new additions to the app via our changelog and email. If you would like to host additional training sessions to bring new users on board or if you would like us to demo to your colleagues, we are also happy to accommodate.
  • If you have any immediate questions, you can quickly search for an answer in our Get Help Knowledge Base

End of Onboarding!

  • Your Customer Success Manager will work with you to set recurring check-ins to make sure you’re getting the most out of your Forerunner experience and introduce useful new features. These meetings are typically scheduled monthly or quarterly, depending on your needs and goals. 

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