Elevation Certificate Management

Forerunner extracts and stores your Elevation Certificates so that you can access them on-demand, make them available to residents quickly, and view their geospatial distribution on our map (read: no more paper cuts). 

Viewing Elevation Certificates

You can view your Elevation Certificates in two ways: on your Map or in your Certificates Table. Both dashboard sections are accessible through your main navigation sidebar. 

On your Map

On your Map, Elevation Certificates are displayed as orange dots. Clicking one of the EC dots will open the Property Info Panel. If data was extracted from your Elevation Certificate, it will be displayed in the Panel under Building attribute info. You can find the PDF file by navigating to the Documents tab within the Property Info Panel

If you would prefer to search for an address to see if you have an EC on file, you can do so by typing an address into the search bar at the top of your Map. If an EC is available, it will be listed under the Documents tab within the Property Info Panel that appears.

If data was extracted from an EC, it will be displayed on the Property Info Panel under Building info . 

In Certificates

All of the Elevation Certificates we have on file for your Account are listed in the Certificates section of your dashboard. To filter the table, click Filter in the upper left-hand corner. Within the table, you'll find that each Elevation Certificate row will have an  Actions dropdown menu, from which you can select one of the following options:

  • View on Map
  • View Document
  • Hide from Website
  • Download PDF
  • Delete Document
  • Report data issue 

Adding an Elevation Certificate

There are two ways you can upload Elevation Certificates to the 

To add new Elevation Certificates, navigate to the Certificates section of your dashboard by clicking on Certificates the sidebar. From there, click the blue button at the top right corner of the window labeled  + Add New. A modal will appear with instructions on how to proceed.

You can upload up to ten Elevation Certificates with the  + Add New button. If you wish to upload Elevation Certificates in bulk, please contact your Account Manager at support@withforerunner.com 

Deleting an Elevation Certificate

You might encounter a situation where an Elevation Certificate is uploaded incorrectly or you would like to replace a file. To do so, navigate to the Certificates section of your dashboard and find the pertinent EC row. In the Actions dropdown menu for that row, select Delete Document. You'll be prompted to confirm your request and, once the action is complete, a confirmation will appear.

Exporting Elevation Certificates

Export Data buttons can be found at the upper right-hand corner of both your Map and the Certificates section of your dashboard. Clicking either one of these buttons will open the same modal window, where you'll find several options including:

  • Export Type: Choose between exporting your PDF ECs in a compressed ZIP file or the geospatial data as a Shapefile.
  • Date Range: You can export all of your ECs or just a subset, based on issue date. Selecting Custom will prompt you to enter a date range. If you're exporting ECs for CRS, you can use this to choose just your new permits.
  • Elevation Certificates are based on: You can be even more specific by selecting Finished Construction Only, which will filter out ECs based on Construction Drawings and Building Under Construction. This export option might come in handy when you're exporting for CRS purposes, as well!
  • Certificates are in: You can indicate whether the certificates you want to export are Anywhere  or in an Effective SFHA  or Preliminary SFHA . 

Once you click the blue  Export button in the Export Elevation Certificates modal, your export will be queued. Once the export is ready for download, you'll receive an email message with further instructions.

Still have questions about Elevation Certificate management? Shoot us an email at support@withforerunner.com for additional assistance!

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