Navigating the Map

The Map is your dashboard's home base. You can use it to see how properties fall within FIRM maps, query individual parcels, and view your ECs. Here are the Map's key features:

Layers Panel

The Layers Panel contains layer keys and visibility toggles. You can use it to turn layers on and off depending on your needs. To locate it, click the map layers icon in the bottom right corner of your Map. You'll find it above the Map's zoom buttons. 

If your community has a custom map layer (such as an RLAA or ABFE map) or a custom FIRM (such as a historic FIRM), these can be found below the FIRM layers and toggled on and off. 

Address Search Bar

The Address Search Bar is located at the top left corner of your Map. To find information for a specific property, type the address in the Address Search Bar. You can either click one of the autocomplete selections or press enter once you've typed your address to display the Property Info Panel. The map will zoom to the searched address, a blue outline will delineate the address' parcel, and a blue location marker will be placed on the property.

Activity Feed 

The Activity Feed is located under the  Address Search Bar at the top left corner of your Map. This feature tracks all property interactions performed by members of your team in chronological order. The interaction could include a creation, a deletion or updates to Elevation Certificates, SI/SD costs, logs, and comments. These are organized by date and include a link to the property address. Click the address or activity in blue to quickly access the property and view the change. 

Comments for each property made in the  Property Info Panel are also displayed in the Activity Feed. 

To minimize the Activity Feed, press the upward-facing arrow in the top right corner. 

Elevation Certificates 

Your uploaded Elevation Certificates are automatically displayed on the map as orange points. You can view an Elevation Certificate by clicking on a property that contains an orange point and navigating to   Certificates in the Property Info Panel .

Property Info Panel

The Property Info Panel can be displayed using the Address Search Bar or by clicking on an Elevation Certificate point on the Map. It serves as the hub for all of your property information and contains pertinent flood risk information for a specific parcel. The panel is divided at the top into three main sections: OverviewActivitySI/SDCertificates, and Logs . You can learn more about them in our Property Info Panel article. 

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