Map Layers

Map layers help to deepen your community flood risk understanding with additional information. You can toggle them on or off using the blue toggle switches in your Map Layers Panel. Here's some more information about available layers: 

Base Maps

Base maps are cropped by community jurisdictional boundary so that you will only see applicable map information for your Account. You can select from two base maps: Satellite and Light Gray. Toggling one base map on will turn off the other. 


Your Effective and Preliminary (if applicable) FIRMs will be shown on your Map. FIRM information is retrieved directly from FEMA's Map Service, so these maps will automatically update when changes are made to FEMA's database. Like the different base maps, toggling on one FIRM will turn off the other. Nested within your Effective and Preliminary FIRMs are a few additional sublayers.  Unlike Layers, they cannot be toggled on or off — their visibility is controlled by the Layers they are nested in. They include:

Flood Zones

Zones X (shaded), AE, AO, AH, A, VE, and D are contained in this map layer, differentiated by color. Where applicable, zone BFEs and/or depths are displayed on the map.


The Floodway sublayer depicts the Regulatory Floodway in your community. This sublayer can be used to check compliance with your community's development guidelines. It is depicted as a hatched overlay on the map.


The Limit of Moderate Wave Action (LiMWA) is defined by FEMA as "…the inland limit of the area expected to receive 1.5-foot or greater breaking waves during the 1-percent annual chance flood event." It is displayed as a black patterned line on the map.

Custom Maps

Forerunner can accommodate your custom map needs. These can include historic maps, RLAAs, etc. You can turn on your custom FIRMs in the Map Layers tab on your dashboard. 

Please let us know at if you want to add a custom map to your Forerunner dashboard. 

Building Layers


Your uploaded Elevation Certificates are now automatically displayed on the map as orange points. When zoomed out, Elevation Certificates that are either very close to one another or assigned to a single property are clustered under a larger icon displaying the number of ECs at the location. To get a closer look, either zoom in or click on the cluster for automatic zoom.

Land Information


The Coastal Barrier Resources System (CBRS) boundaries are included, along with the 20 ft CBRS buffer zones.

Contour Lines

Contour Lines contains topographic contour lines for the map. Contour intervals are depicted directly on the contour lines in meters.

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