User Settings

To view your individual User settings, navigate to the Settings section of your Forerunner dashboard (hint: you can find it in your main sidebar navigation). 

User Settings

In  Settings you can update your Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Password. Only you will have access to your password so if you lose it you'll have to go through the password reset process.

Adding a New User

To add a new user to your account,  Manager users can click the + Add New button on the left-hand side of the screen. A modal will appear where you can add the new user’s name, email, and desired role and PII visibility. 

Roles and Permissions

Each user on the Forerunner platform is assigned a role and each role, in turn, is assigned a set of permissions. An account’s Manager users can assign a user’s role when creating a new user, and can modify user roles at any time thereafter.

All Forerunner accounts include the following role options:

  • Manager: full product functionality and can invite/modify users
  • Member: full product functionality but cannot invite/modify users
  • Creator: full product functionality, cannot invite/modify users and cannot delete data
  • View Only: limited product functionality and cannot invite/modify users

You can review each role in detail, and compare roles to one another, in the following table:

Action Manager Member Creator  View only
View Map X X X X
View Certificates X X X X
View Logs X X X X
View Settings X X X X
View Map Layers X X X X
Share Public Property Profile X X X X
Create Property X X X  
Edit Property X X X  
FIRM overrides X X X  
Coastal A overrides X X X  
Create Comment X X X X
Delete Comment X X X X
Create SI/SD X X X  
Edit SI/SD X X X  
Delete SI/SD X X    
View Logs X X X X
Create Log X X X X
Edit Log X X X  
Delete Log X X    
Export Logs  X X X X
Upload Elevation Certificate X X X  
Edit Elevation Certificate X X X  
Delete Elevation Certificate X X    
Edit EC Display Settings  X X X  
Export Elevation Certificates X X X  
Download PDF  X X X X
Edit Permit Info X X X  
Ignore Elevation Certificate Issues  X X X  
Report Issue X X X  
Report Data Issue X X X  
View PPP X X X X
View Team Tab X      
Add New Users X      
Edit User Role X      
Suspend User X      
Create design flood elevation X X X  
Edit design flood elevation X X X  

Personal Identifiable Information (PII) Visibility 

Account  Manager users have the ability to not only configure the role permissions of other team members, but can also configure whether or not they want their other team members to be able to view sensitive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) on the account. If your account includes the Repetitive Loss feature, the following PII controls will allow  Manager users to control visibility of this sensitive data: 

  •  Cannot view - this role does not have the ability to view Personal Identifiable Information such as Repetitive Loss data. Users with this configuration will have full visibility and access to the Repetitive Loss feature. 
  •  Can view - this role does have the ability to view Personal Identifiable Information such as Repetitive Loss data. Users with this configuration will not see any Repetitive Loss data on their account. 

Updating the Role and PII Visibility of an Existing User

All users should have a role set for their account when they are created. However, these roles can be changed at any time by an account Manager .

Here’s how:

  1. Navigate to the user list by clicking the Settings gear icon on the left-side navigation pane. 
  2. Select the Team tab.
  3. Find the user you want to edit in the user table and select Actions > Change Role
  4. Select the role you wish to change the user to.
  5. Hit Save

You should get a confirmation message, confirming that the role change was successful.

Account Settings

Account settings are applied to your entire team. To make changes to the Account, just shoot us an email at!

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