Updating a Transcription

While Forerunner's Elevation Certificate Data Extraction feature is incredibly reliable, sometimes the transcription isn't perfect. Additionally, there are instances where an incorrect transcription may produce an error or warning in our EC Error Detection. If you notice that our software read an EC field incorrectly or mis-transcribed a field, you can easily update the transcription to match the correct contents in the field. Once you have correctly updated the transcription, the error will disappear. To update a transcription:  

  1. You first need to open the Elevation Certificate. Either do this by navigating to the property and clicking on the Documents tab of the Property Information Panel or by clicking on the Certificates page along the lefthand menu sidebar and filtering for the EC. Once you've identified the desired EC, click  ... to the righthand side of the EC. Select  View Document to open the Elevation Certificate. 
  2. Once the document is opened you can view all associated errors and warnings under the Issues tab. You can click on the issue to expand it. If the value associated with the error or warning does not line up with the value on the field of the certificate on the righthand side, click the ... and select Edit extraction.
  3. After selecting  Edit extraction, the associated extracted field will automatically open for you to edit. Select or input the correct value that matches with the field on the certificate. 
  4. Be sure to click  Save Extraction to save the new value.
  5. After the updated value is saved, the associated warning or error will disappear. 

You can also edit the EC extracted fields directly, even if there is no errors or warnings associated with the field. To do this: 

  1. Click on the Extracted fields tab when viewing an EC 
  2. You can either click directly on the field to expand it or click  ... next to the field and click  Edit Extracted Value. This will open the field and allow you to edit. 
  3. Select or input the correct value that matches with the field on the certificate. 
  4. Be sure to click Save extraction to save the new value.

As always we are happy to help! If you have any questions about updating a transcription or need assistance feel free to contact us at support@withforerunner.com

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