The Get Help Form

Visitors to your public website can request assistance from members of your staff via the Get Help page, accessed in the upper right-hand corner of the public website homepage:

On your Get Help page, you have a primary contact listed, so that the public knows who to reach out to with questions:

An example of contact information on a public website

As your staff or needs change, we are able to update this contact for you. Learn more about updating your public website settings.

The Get Help Form

Visitors to your website can submit a request for assistance using the Get Help Form. Visitors should fill out each field of the form, indicating their name, email address, phone number, the property address that they have questions on, and the nature of their help request. They are also able to leave comments at the bottom of the form to provide more clarity on their request.

Clicking Submit request will generate an email that gets sent to your team. This also automatically generates a log for the property address in question in your Forerunner dashboard. The log will appear as a web resident interaction in the Logs tab on the Property Information Panel for the property and in the global Resident Log table for your account:

Learn more about Forerunner's resident logs.

If you have any questions about the Get Help page and configuring your public website, please contact your support team at

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