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A public profile for a property includes all of the relevant flood information for a given property in your community. You are able to share, link and print this page to inform residents and the public of flood risk on a per-property basis.

The general public can access public profiles through your community’s public website. As a user, you can also access a public property profile through your Forerunner dashboard. Learn more about finding public profiles.

Public profiles can also be shared with the general public via email, sharing URLs, and printing a hard copy. Learn more about sharing public profiles with a member of the public.

Each public profile is view-only. Viewers will not be able to add, edit, or delete any information included on these pages. If information appears incorrect for a property, viewers should contact the community using the Get Help form.

Each public profile includes a map view of the property, a Google Street View image, any relevant flood warnings, and the flood info and parcel info from the property’s Forerunner Property Information Panel.

If your community has more than one FIRM (e.g. a Preliminary FIRM and an effective FIRM), viewers can toggle between the flood information for each using the FIRM toggle.


Depending on your account settings, public profiles may show Substantial Improvement and Substantial Damage information for the property. This could include:

  • A warning that the property is over the SI/SD threshold
  • The list of improvements/damages and their associated costs, and
  • A summary of the total SI/SD costs for the property for the tracking period and the cumulative SI/SD percentage.

The improvement information listed is limited to the date and cost of the improvements made; at this time, we do not share the description of the improvement made.

The information on the SI/SD tab of the public profile will vary from one community to the next, depending on the community’s account settings and the SI/SD tracking ordinances in the community.

Documents Tab

Depending on your account settings, public profiles may show the documents associated with the property, including the property’s elevation certificates. Learn more about hiding individual documents from a public profile.

If you have any questions about your public profiles or would like to update settings on your public profile, feel free to reach out to us at

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