Overview: Your Public-Facing Forerunner Website

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Your public-facing Forerunner website is intended to provide the public with a comprehensive summary of flood-related information. It’s meant to reduce the workload for members of your team by putting this crucial information at the public’s fingertips.

Note: Not all communities may have a public website with Forerunner. If you are unsure if you have a public website, or would like to add one to your account, please contact us at support@withforerunner.com.

Public Website Overview

Your public website is made up of a few basic components: your custom community header and map, search, public profiles, the elevation certificates page, and the Get Help page.

Your Custom Community Header and Map: The public website header is customized with your community’s name and preferred color, typically set to match your municipal website. The background of your public website homepage should also show a grayscale version of your community map.

Search: The search bar at the center of the public website allows members of the public to search for any property within your account boundaries in order to access flood-specific information for the property.

Public Profiles: Once a property is found through search and selected, a user will be taken to the public profile for the property, showing the flood-related information for the property. This is the same public profile that you can send to the public using our Share public profile feature.

Elevation Certificates: The Elevation Certificates section of the public webpage allows the public to find the available elevation certificates for your community.

Get Help: Your public webpage also includes a Get Help form feature that allows the public to request assistance from your team.

You will get a custom URL for your public website when you onboard with Forerunner. Typically, this custom URL is formatted to include your community name and state, followed by .withforerunner.com. (ex. Bay Head, NJ’s Forerunner public website can be found at bayheadnj.withforerunner.com).

This link can be used by the general public to access your Forerunner public website. They will not be required to log in or provide any additional credentials.

We recommend that you bookmark this URL and connect it to your municipal website so that the general public can easily find it. By linking your Forerunner public website to your municipal website, your community can also receive CRS credits for sharing flood protection information with the public. Check out 352.c on Forerunner’s CRS Guide for more information on credits.

Finding the Public Website from Inside the Forerunner Application

To access the public application while logged into the Forerunner application as a user:

  1. Navigate to any property in your community and click the Share public profile button in the upper left corner of the Property Information Panel, just below the property address.
  2. In the pop-up modal, click View public profile . This will take you to the public profile for the property, located on your public website.
  3. To navigate to your community’s public application homepage, click Go to [your community's] homepage in the upper left corner of the public profile. This will take you to your public website homepage.

If you have any questions about your public application, linking it to your existing website or CRS credits, please contact support@withforerunner.com.

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