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The Explore Map feature allows residents and members of the public to click around and explore the dashboard map from your public-facing website without having to contact members of your team. They are able to toggle all map layers your team wants displayed publicly including documents and warnings. This allows members of the public to not only explore individual properties, but also allows them to gain a high-level, visual understanding of flood risk of the entire community using the public map. 

How to access to Explore Map feature 

1. Your public website homepage 

Public guest users can click the  Explore Map button below the search bar to open the expanded map. Once inside the dashboard map, they will be able to click on properties, search for properties, and toggle layers on the Map layers panel. 

2. An individual Public Property Profile

If a public user wishes to explore the map from an individual Public Property Profile in your community, they can click the expand button in the lower righthand corner of the small map view. This will take them to the expanded map view and allow them to click on other properties in your community. 

What's displayed publicly on the Explore Map feature?

Documents, warnings, FIRMs, and custom map layers can all be toggled by members of the public via the Map layers panel on the right side of the dashboard. Your account settings, logs, and activity will not be displayed to the public. If you do not wish to display certain information to residents in your community, let us know at support@withforerunner.com and we would be happy to help you out. 

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